The Rose Ball is Greenville’s longest-running charitable event, featuring more than 4,000 roses and raising more than $3.6 million to benefit the physical, emotional, educational and cultural needs of our community. Held biennially, the Rose Ball has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful and elegant affairs in the Southeast.


In 1971, the Charity Ball Board of Greenville was organized to sponsor a ball for a charitable community benefit. The Rose Ball was the first ball held in Greenville that would solicit public support to benefit charities in the community. The first Rose Ball was held on September 24, 1971 at the Poinsett Club, and proceeds from the event benefitted the newly constructed St. Francis Hospital.

Beginning in 1975, the Charity Ball Board decided that proceeds from the Ball should be distributed throughout the community with the St. Francis Health System receiving half of the proceeds. 

Over the past forty-seven years, the Rose Ball has raised more than $3.6 million to benefit the physical, emotional, educational, and cultural needs of our community. The 25th Rose Ball will be held Friday, September 20, 2019 at the Poinsett Club located at 807 East Washington Street in Greenville, South Carolina.

2017 Charity Ball Board

Charity Ball Board

2019 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Mr. David Lee Beard, President
Mr. Brian Alan Rogers, Vice President
Mrs. Don Wayne Cooley (Kimberly), Secretary
Mr. Alan Monroe Robinson, Treasurer
Mrs. David Alan Wilson (Wendy), Rose Ball Chairman
Mrs. Hector McLean III (Kristen), Rose Ball Vice Chairman
Mr. Edward Dixon Harrill, Jr. (Dixon), Benefactors Committee Chairman
Mr. Charles Clark Mickel (Charlie), Benefactors Committee Vice Chairman
Mrs. Francis Douglas Pickney Evans (Pam), Beneficiaries Committee Chairman
Mrs. Craig Joel Sprague (Gaye), Beneficiaries Committee Vice Chair
Mr. Charles Michael Smith (Mike), Past President
Mrs. Rodney Leon Grandy, III (Linda), Ex-Officio Member


Lifetime Honorary Members

Mr. Gordon Lee Cory (Lee)
Mrs. Erving Arthur Dreskin (Jeanet)
Ms. Joyce Batchelor Parks

Members at Large

Mr. Carey Daniel Adams (Dan)
Mrs. Herbert Lynn Harton (Flavia)
Mr. William Andrew Murphy (Will)
Mr. William Heyward Pelham (Bill)
Mr. Erik Bryan Whaley

Board Members from Rose Ball Committee

Mrs. Matthew Thomas Banner (Kate), Program

Mrs. George Anthony Campbell, Jr. (Marquin), Decorations

Mrs. Stephen Clay Daniel (Mallory), Social Media

Mrs. William Lewis Glenn (Kerry), Publicity

Mrs. William Tap Haley (Jennifer), Past Rose Ball Chairman

Mrs. William Vann Kastler, Jr. (Lesa), Invitation List

Mrs. Andrew G. McDonald (Laura), Arrangements

Mrs. Sydney Paul Mitchell, Jr. (Katie), Hospitality

Mrs. Richard Epperly Myers, Jr. (Julie), Invitations

Mrs. Hamilton Earle Russell III (Allison), Seating and Reservations

Other Members of the Rose Ball Committee


Mrs. Andrew Ritchie Bullock (Mandy)

Mrs. Thomas Denison Croft, Jr. (Caroline)

Mrs. Mason Anderson Goldsmith, Jr. (Jeannette)

Mrs. Edward Perry Heidtman IV (Leigh)

Mrs. Kimberly Varnadoe Kent (Kim)

Mrs. Robert Spalding Latham III (Missy)

Mrs. Jacob Chapman Mann (Elizabeth)

Mrs. Jonathan Wade Norwood (Susanne)

Mrs. Thomas Jeremiah Nuckolls IV (Beth)

Mrs. Patrick Belton O’Dell (Lynn)

Mrs. Michael Peter Kourlas (Amie)

Mrs. Eric Holcombe Philpot (Lorri)

Mrs. Michael Stuart Pitts (Alison)

Mrs. Church Carroll Powers (Lindsay)

Mrs. Paul Evans Proffitt III (Mell)

Mrs. Stephen Randell Ridgeway (Mary)

Mrs. Caroline Wrigley Schroder

Mrs. Franklin Michael Selvy (Katherine)

Mrs. Stephen Shaugnessy (Faye)

Mrs. Alexander Rollinson Stalvey (Lee)

Mrs. Garrett David Steck (Cheves)

Mrs. William Charles Stewart (Jenny)

Mrs. Richard Allen Sturdevant, Jr. (Kate)

Mrs. Robert Baldwin Thompson III (Murray)

Mrs. Thomas Law Willcox, Jr. (Amy)

Dr. Jamie Harris Womack

Mrs. Thomas Rudolph Young IV (Kristy)


The Rose Ball welcomes volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering your time and energy for this event, please contact Lee Stalvey, Rose Ball Volunteer Coordinator, lstalvey@gmail.com.